Encouraging Collaboration in Negotiations

Offer Valid: 04/28/2022 - 05/31/2024

Negotiations may sometimes head in the wrong direction. This can arise from differing individual viewpoints. After pointing out the primary factors to be negotiated, you may try to encourage cooperation with other participants and work your way to a mutually beneficial conclusion.

The purpose of negotiating is to get the most benefits out of it for yourself. Many people may opt for aggressive strategies to achieve their goals.

Expected Outcomes of a Negotiation

The expected outcome of any negotiation is a win-lose scenario. However, most negotiations involve a complex mix of winning and losing. Depending on the way you deal with the situation, the outcome may also be lose-lose or a win-win scenario.

In a win-lose scenario, both parties attempt to win without considering the other party's outcome. Both participants may have a walk-away point and a goal in mind before coming for the negotiation. It's just that one party gets their expectations fulfilled and the other does not.

Use of Aggressive Tactics to Get Desired Results

Some negotiations consist of one party opting for a competitive approach to win. Such negotiations can turn aggressive. In such a scenario, the other party may give in, forfeiting their initial hopes, provided it doesn’t step outside their boundaries.

An Agreement That Benefits All

Parties to a negotiation may use different tactics to get their desired results. However, a mutually acceptable negotiation with proper communication should be your aim.

Aggressive negotiations come with their fair share of negatives. Keeping this in mind, it's always preferable to choose the path that leads to collaborative talks. It's crucial to maintain a competitive frame of mind without getting in the bad books of the other party.


Best alternative to a negotiated agreement, or BATNA, is often used in negotiations. It's a handy alternative solution and can be used if parties to a negotiation are unsuccessful. If you've got a BATNA ready, it'll provide you with negotiating power. It determines your reservation point or the worst you need to accept.

Keep Your Cool

When you’re a part of a negotiation, it’s better to remain emotionally detached yet fully engaged in the proceedings. If the conversation heats up, be patient when the other party reviews your initial offer or counteroffers. Since your interests are at stake, you must avoid overreacting and giving the other party an emotional advantage over you.

Ask Questions

Asking questions is a good way to demonstrate your interest in the other party's needs. It shows that you’re also taking them into consideration and not blinded by competitive tendencies. This might help them relax a little, and they may reciprocate and show concern for your needs.

The Importance of Impeccable Presentation

During a negotiation, it's of the utmost importance to present the original contract in a professional, refined, and neat manner. Your relationship with others and your image depend upon the way you present the contract. It's accessible and easy to convert your file from a PDF to Word​.

That'll make the contract look neater and easier to share with others. It’s crucial for you not to ignore even the finest of details during the preparation of the contract. 

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