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We are an Arizona solar installer family-owned business installing solar since 1978, and our clients obtain the highest value of power production. PEP Solar provides many solutions to equalize the balance in comfort and savings for residential and commercial projects. We customize your install and make going solar easy. PEP Solar is regarded by many as the best solar company in Arizona.


PEP Solar is certified Tesla reseller and Tesla Preferred Installer
PEP Solar is a certified Tesla Installer and Powerwall reseller
PEP Solar is certified for five different solar batteries
PEP Solar has been installing solar batteries for 40 years
PEP Solar is certified for advanced solar solutions
PEP Solar is certified ALPHA Installers.  Our power is mighty, our solar panels the most powerful in the world.
Our customers love PEP Solar, we love our Customers.
Lets Be Solar Hipsters Together
Our many articles and news videos put PEP Solar on residential roof tops before any other company in  Arizona.
PEP Solar's installs are the #1 install in the country.  Our installs look like art with clean lines and clean installs.
PEP Solar has more solar solutions than any other company in the nation.  Here is one of our RV Solar Shade Structures.
Our lead installers have over 1,000 installs under their belt and our foreman over 17 years of roofing experience prior to solar.
Solar Air Conditioning is here.  PEP Solar installed over 100 units for Arizona State Park and Recreation for their little cabins and hundreds more in Arizona.
PEP Solar builds on the roof and off the roof.  Here is one of our ground mounts.
PEP Solar can provide a new found space in the backyard with our Solar Shade Structures.
Sunshine is not just for Sun Tanning Anymore
PEP Solar is an advanced solar solutions company and we are able to make your solar project successful.
PEP Solar's installs are clean and we provide a satisfaction guarantee for your solar design.
PEP Solar is recognized everywhere as the best value, most admired, and the most successful solar team in the industry with our 40 plus years installing specifically solar PV systems.
PEP Solar is a multiple solar electric solutions company.  We even install Electric Vehicle Level 2 Charging stations.
PEP Solar NEVER offers a solar lease (you are better off just buying a new HVAC system if you have to lease for any reason), that's why we offer you very low interest rate unsecured loan programs approved in 5 minutes helping you to beat your electric bill almost immediately.  Even better, you Own Your Solar!
PEP Solar systems are everywhere, and we all know Arizona is the perfect state for solar energy.
Stop paying for your appliances over and over again.  Go solar today and start saving!
The Federal Tax Credit for solar is still incredibly the best and available now but don't wait as it does step down again soon.
Our install lines are perfect and we take the time to make sure your castle is treated well.
PEP Solar isn't satisfied until you are satisfied.
PEP Solar even paints the conduit to match (you supply the paint).
During your home build or after, PEP Solar makes it happen.
PEP Solar builds on Flat roofs, TPO roofs, Membrane roofs, Shingle roofs, Foam roofs, Tile roofs, and Metal roofs, Clay (no not so much as it has to be removed where solar needs to be installed).
PEP Solar's solutions are custom and each install is exactly different based on needs and requirement our customer supplies after we educate what exactly is being purchased vs what is possible.
PEP Solar customers in Paradise Valley have a warm heart for our attention to detail as all our customers have for us. We love you too !
Even when you are not on the roof and no one is looking, our quality and value is there.  PEP Solar is the real deal.
Solar Attic Fans are embedded and look sleek.
PEP Solar has lower grade panels too but we will always recommend our higher quality modules first.  Just remember price means doesn't equal value in the solar industry.
PEP Solar installs in all regions in Arizona
PEP Solar even installs in the most progressive areas of Arizona with strict rules.  We are able to install in ALL HOA (home owner associations) and move forward.
Your flat foam roof once we are done installing, is just not going to leak.  If it does, your PEP Solar warranty has you covered.
PEP Solar has been around for a very very long time.
Our community has been counting on PEP Solar to pull it into the 21 century and we have done it!
PEP goes the extra mile when you are not able to or we need to make your project successful.
Give PEP Solar a call.  No Gimmicks, just great installs 623-806-8806

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