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Support Your Community with Your Sale or Purchase!

Finding your dream home or selling your property with purpose, while making a charitable donation yields numerous benefits that extend far beyond the act of giving. It allows individuals to support causes and organizations that align with their values and passions, fostering a sense of fulfillment and supporting their community with purpose. If you're buying or selling anyway, why not add a cherry on top with a donation? Referrals apply to this offer as well. - Contact Justin for Details

Building Hope: Leveraging Real Estate with a Charitable Donation

How to Attract & Retain Zoomers

World's Best Connectors is having its 5th Annual Conference on Oct 17, 2023! "How to Attract & Retain Zoomers Presented by Arizona State University" will explore the topical challenges and opportunities to bridge the generational gaps that are leaving young people underemployed and US businesses under-staffed. This hybrid conference includes breakfast, keynotes, panel discussions, and networking opportunities for all generations and industries.

Business leaders: Come learn about the causes of and solutions to Zoomers vs Boomers conflicts!