Starting your sadhana (daily spiritual practices)

Starting your sadhana (daily spiritual practices)

Sadhana are our daily spiritual practices. Our sadhana helps us feel grounded, centered, connected, and present as we start our day

Step 1: Make a menu

Create a menu of spiritual practices you are interested in/enjoy/want to try (if you have no/limited ideas see the spiritual practices menu below).

Spiritual practices menu

  • Meditation

  • Yoga 

  • Guided meditation 

  • Pranayama (breathwork)

  • Kirtan (chanting) 

  • Time in nature

  • Drumming

  • Sound bowls/sound healing

  • Candle magick

  • Tending to plants 

  • Reiki

  • Smoke medicine/cleansing

  • Tarot/oracle card reading 

  • Drawing/painting

  • Playing music 

  • Dancing

  • Setting up an altar/Time at your altar

  • Crystal magick

  • Kriyas 

  • Affirmations/mantras

  • Tai Chi

Step 2: Decide how much time you want to commit

Determine how much time you’d like to commit to your sadhana each day (it can be anywhere from 1 minute to 1 hour) If you’re feeling stuck, 8 minutes is a magickal amount ✨

Step 3: Determine when you want to do your sadhana 

Sadhana is recommended to be enjoyed in the morning, however if that doesn’t feel like a supportive fit for you that’s okay. Think about when would feel like a nourishing time to practice and when you think you’ll truly be able to do it. 

It’s also totally okay to play around with the time until you find the spot that is “just right”. And the time can vary from day to day depending on your schedule. 

Step 4: Carve out the time

Add those minutes (plus an extra 5 for distractions, etc) to your morning (or whenever) routine, so you have time to enjoy your sadhana with minimal stress. Determine if you need to set your alarm for a new time (or make any other changes). 

Step 5: Where?

Decide where you might like to enjoy your sadhana (maybe it will be different places depending on the activity or maybe it will always be the same place).

Put your menu somewhere where you can see and use it during your sadhana. If you need to make a couple of copies of it, so be it. You can keep it on your phone, but be aware that the phone can tend to suck us into other activities and it is super powerful to enjoy our sadhana before engaging with technology for the day. However, do what is right for you and feels doable and supportive 💙💙✨

Step 6: Try it and play

For the first week or so, pick the activity off your menu that calls to you the most in that moment. As you continue to prioritize your sadhana, notice if any patterns emerge. Do you pick a particular activity more than others? Do you like the freedom to mix it up each day? 

Step 7: Reflection

Reflect on if there’s anything you want to do with any patterns you may recognize. For example, maybe you find yourself enjoying breath work every morning - so maybe you want to make that a sadhana staple for yourself and sprinkle in other activities on top whenever you’d like to add them in. 

Or, you could thrive with the freedom and always pick a new/different activity every day. Another thing to pay attention for is if you’re craving more - you can increase your sadhana time whenever you feel like it (by 1 minute or 10 minutes). 

Step Oops: I haven’t practices in a while

If you get sick, overwhelmed, life gets in the way, or for any reason fall out of your routine that’s okay. Shit happens. Did you commit to more time than feels doable right now? Or does the time need to adjust due to new life circumstances? 

Make any needed changes to your sadhana intentions. And come back to it. Each minute adds up and helps you flow in authenticity and alignment 🦋🌈✨✨

Step 8: Feel supported

If you need help/support jump starting your sadhana (or with anything else spiritual), it would be my honor and pleasure (link to my website


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