The Right Questions to Ask When Picking an Agent

The Right Questions to Ask When Picking an Agent

When you are buying, selling or investing in real estate and you are choosing an agent to work with, it’s important to consider their location of expertise, their experience and the brokerage they are with. The other piece of the puzzle are the intangibles that are hard to quantify. This is their emotional intelligence, their ability to negotiate and their devotion and dedication to an exceptional client experience. Buying, selling or investing in real estate is a huge decision, one that can come with stress, anxiety and uncertainty. How an agent navigates the twists and turns of a transaction can be the make or a break of a successful closing. Every single transaction is different and there are many steps with many people involved from cross agents to lenders to title reps to inspectors to appraisers, to name a few. An agent that is able to work with many different types of personalities, stay calm under pressure and think creatively in the midst of challenges is a huge asset.

I recommend interviewing at least three agents to cover these different topics and to give yourself options.

This can include questions such as…

  • “What was the most difficult transaction you ever closed?”
  • “Can you tell me about your negotiation experience?”
  • “How do you go above and beyond for your clients?”
  • “How do you develop your marketing strategy?”
  • “How do you develop your pricing strategy?”
  • “What do you do to continue to learn and grow?”
The other piece of the conversation is assessing your connection with the agent. Are you able to speak with them and get to know them on a human level? Do you sense that they will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes (within ethics obviously) to get to a successful closing?

A transaction can be a long term process and at times can be vulnerable so having deep trust in your agent is key. When your emotions ebb and flow, a solid agent will be grounded and logical, helping you assess all of your options and empowering you to make the best decision for yourself. Well rounded agents can speak with you openly about your finances and your future, discuss and educate you on relevant market information, speak to specific inventory both on market and off market, negotiate with grace and have the ability to navigate the personalities of anyone involved in the transaction. They will have sales skills, the ability to stay organized and have the poise of a natural leader. There are many options and the choice is entirely up to you. Whether you are buying, selling or investing in real estate, I am here to serve you by getting a
clear understanding of what you are looking for, having the difficult and necessary conversations with empathy, getting ahead of as many challenges as possible and handling them with grace if and when they arise. I know that real estate decisions are big decisions. I use all of the resources at my fingertips, within my top producing team, HW Luxe, and award-winning brokerage, North&Co,. to make your real estate goals become a reality.

I am an Arizona native, an innate connector and a lifelong learner. I provide exceptional client service while fostering connection and community. It is my commitment to give back and make a substantial impact, specifically within the LGBTQ+ community, as well as within the realms of recovery, mental health and homelessness. As Ram Dass says, “We are all here walking each other home.” I believe it is my responsibility to make that walk as beautiful as it can be for as many people as I possibly can.

I am a Board Member for the Greater Phoenix Equality Chamber of Commerce and I serve on the Development Committee for one n ten, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving and assisting LGBTQ+ youth in Arizona. I also give to The Arizona Housing Fund, which helps raise money to build more nonprofit permanent affordable supportive housing units through North&Co.’s escrow donation program. I am currently in the process of completing my 200 hour yoga teacher training certification through Livin in Flow YTT. You can always find me in some type of movement, reading a book, listening to a podcast or having a deep conversation with a stranger.

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