Naughty Vegan



About Us

If you're a burger enthusiast, Naughty Vegan is the definitive dining destination for you! Our menu boasts a selection of handcrafted plant-based burgers, each one carefully crafted with its own unique flavorful twist. We've taken classic burgers and comfort foods, infused them with our unique creative flair, and transformed them into a guilt-free, cruelty-free, irresistible experience that caters to both vegans and non-vegans alike.

With each delectable mouthful, you're not simply enjoying an exceptional burger or a plant-based meal; you're also contributing to our overall mission of supporting the Earth and its adorable inhabitants by reducing societies carbon footprint one vegan meal at a time.

For our gluten-free friends, rest assured that Naughty Vegan has got you covered! And guess what? That includes naughty desserts too. Hop on board the Naughty Vegan plant-based food train, and you'll discover that 90% of our menu offers Gluten Friendly options, including all of our burgers, sliders, baskets, and more. Get ready for a Naughty GF experience that will wow your taste buds!"