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About Us

We help organizations take their efforts around learning and improvement to the next level!

The HOP Nerd LLC is an independent Human & Organizational Performance consultancy service offering flexibility, passion, and know-how to help your organization begin, or go further on its HOP journey...

Sam Goodman works with clients throughout industry - providing services to organizations operating in manufacturing, healthcare, construction, oil & gas, mining, power generation, utilities, and more - focusing on operationalizing HOP and creating sustainability along the way.

''Sam offers flexibility, passion, and know-how to help your organization begin, or go further on its HOP journey...''

So, if you are looking for a trusted advisor to help you bring HOP to life within your organization, need help with learning teams, or are looking for someone to help you take your organizations efforts around learning and improving to the next level…

Let's Get Started!

Some areas Sam commonly helps with:

- HOP Fundamentals
- Learning Team Facilitation
- Learning Team Facilitator Coaching
- Speaking & Workshops
- Site Engagements
- Assessments
- Pre/Post-Event Learning Reviews
- Planning
- Learning Explorations & Pulsing
- Ongoing Support and Advisement
- & More! | | 480-500-8351


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